About Us

My name is Marisa Furno, I'm Argentinian, and I have lived in California since 2002. It's a place I've grown fond of and I adore just as much as my country.

The History

My passion for cooking started when I was 14 years old in Buenos Aires. My sister Adriana and I would recreate recipes from an old cookbook with much enthusiasm, we would look at recipes and make them together. She would usually take care of the main course, while I on the other hand would take care of dessert. We had (before the cookbook) tried to make recipes ourselves, trying our best to mimic my aunt Pini (the family’s cook) but regardless of how hard we tried, the book was truly what taught us. As time passed, I started working at an accounting firm, in which I worked for 20 years.

In 1997 while I kept working there, I started a catering company, which I called MEFISTO. After catering for many events, and parties, I decided to further perfect my cooking and take it to the next level. Therefore I enrolled in the Argentine Gastronomic Institute, where I graduated in 2001. Towards the end of 2001, the crisis in Argentina forced my family and I to migrate to California. Since then, I raised my children here. I have three beautiful children whom I adore, and love to make them those random orders ( apple crepes at 12 am on a Tuesday night, for example). But sometimes I missed my old catering business.

In 2004, we bought a condo in Arrow and Archibald, just in front of the commercial center where Guido has his deli. When I went for the very first time, I instantly fell in love with the place. I have a passion for cooking, and I noticed that Guido had the kind of place that I wanted to cook in. Small, cozy, familiar, and italian. I was asking Guido for his business for about 4 years. He always smiled at me politely, but no answer. All I had to do was wait. Two years ago, I moved to Fontana, so I never went back. But this year, in January, I don't know why, but I passed by his place and again, I asked him for his business. Finally, I got an answer from him. I couldn't believe it! I got out of there to tell my husband, Alex, and that was the day when my dream began.

I have this passion for cooking, and my husband loves socializing. Running Guido's place is an honor for us. That is how we feel. My whole family will work hard to keep this place thriving. Give us a chance to show you our culture in the best way we can. Call us, email us or text us if that is better for you! Thanks!
Marisa and Alex
email: guidosdeli@hotmail.com
Call: 909-980-8962 text: 909-500-1570

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday
10:00 am - 8:00 pm


9755 Arrow Route Suite G, Rancho Cucamonga, CA,91730
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